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transport management system


You don’t need to waste any more time and involved many people in the process of the administration to manage the resources like employees, fleets, or data related to the customers. You introduce ones, and after that, you don’t need anymore to save the data in the excels, notebooks and so on. You can access easily, from anywhere, with any device.


Even if you introduce manually the order, or automatically via interface(freight exchange), after that all the process becomes very easily to manage. You will know at any time, where are your drivers, which route has one truck, all the details related to the loading and unloading places, like reference code, or if one semitrailer has full capacity or not for a specific route to maximize the profit for that specific route. You will avoid data loses and inconsistences of the data, like documents, invoices and so on. All this data will be automatically sent to the driver via SMS, you can see more details in the Communication with the driver section.


We developed this feature to have an overview of all the resources at any time. With this help, you can see where the trucks are, where will be the next location of the unloading, to schedule the next loading place. You can even see if the semitrailer has full capacity, or not, and you can search for a new loading on that route to increase the profit. You are very close to the smartest system, and based on AI(artificial intelligent), you can search automatically for the next loading place with our freight exchange. What can be more easily to manage the trucks, drivers, and increase the profit at any time?


Are you taking one offer from shipper and you are trying to find the right carrier at the right time and place? Would you like to automatically generate the order for the carrier with digital signature? Would you like to handle the invoices, documents, and everything in one single place, have the statistics with profit of forwarders based on the planner or dispatcher and many other criteria and features? You are very close to have everything in one place, and all the process of the forwarders will become very easily to handle.


You are sending and receiving invoices every day, from shippers, carriers, different vendors and so on, but you don’t have anything organized, and automized. With our solution, we linked automatically the order to the invoices, we build the whole workflow of finance starting from an order, and in this way we know at any time if the invoice was generated, dispatched to the customer, paid, or if the invoice reached the due date. Sometimes, you have problems with the cashflow in your company, because some customers did not paid you in number of days mentioned in the invoice. We were focused to automized the process, and you are notified when you have to pay one invoice, or you have to receive the money from one customer. The system notify automatically also directly the customer. Are you start thinking at how much time you are spending with the above process?


We know that, sometimes the communication between the back office and driver could be a little bit difficult, and time consuming in the transport business. We think, we build the most efficient way of communication with the driver, and we are sending the information’s related to the loadings and unloading’s, with one single click via SMS. You can check at any time, the historical of messages, the status and many more features.


You forgot to renew the insurance for your vehicle, the police stopped your vehicle, and you receive the fine. If that is the case, you can avoid this situation, even if we are talking about the vehicles, drivers, or other employees, you can manage the documents and setup the expiration date, and you will know at any time when a driver must renew his driver license for example. You can save a lot of money over several years. The document management is very usefully also when you are a business manager, planner, or dispatcher, you can all the required documents, like CMR, insurance and so on and send very easy and fast to the customer.


If the maintenance of the fleet it’s not done in time, you can have additional costs of operating, which could be avoided. You don’t need to write in a notebook or excel anymore, when you did the oil change for example, you just need to confirm in the system when you actually did the oil change and write the costs and the description. With this information, you can automatically track all your fleet maintenance or calculate the costs for a vehicle. The system will send to you notifications before you have to proceed with maintenance.


Is the end of the month. You are tired, because you are starting again, the same process over and over again, with the calculation of each individually employee and truck, to calculate the salary. With our system, you can generate reports based on the different criteria and filter selection. You can determine automatically the salary based on the performance done by a dispatcher, driver or any other employee. You can see, manage, and analyze the KPI’s(key performance indicator) so you can have all the performances in one document. This kind of reports will tell you what you can do better, faster, and efficiently, and in the same time, you will have time to spend on YOU.


Why you need statistics? Why helps me to know how many orders I did in the last 5 months? It could really help you. If you know, all your performances, starting with a few months, you can take actions, you can do something with your business and performance, you can see what worked, and what does not work for your business. You can also track the performance of the employees, trucks and so on.


This is the cherry on top. Would you like to find the next closest loading place, with the best offer from the market, almost automatically? We are partners of the largest operator for freight exchange in the Europe, TIMOCOM. We know that, sometimes to find and plan the next order for a truck is challenging. The truck spends many kilometers without cargo, which is time and money consuming. With our approach, you can see the closed offers automatically based on the last unloading place, type of truck and so on, and choose very fast the next step for your resource. You don't need to change the platform, everything we discussed is in our system. We know that some business has their own particularly cases, we are opened to implement here different algorithms of searching the offers based on the business particularity.

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